As a clinical leader, you play an integral role in ensuring the delivery of quality care and reducing avoidable rehospitalizations. Becoming a Certified INTERACT Champion 4.0 (CIC) emphasizes your commitment to ongoing quality improvement within your organization.

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Why Become a CIC?

Designed to train clinical leaders who will serve as champions to implement and sustain the INTERACT™ 4.0 Quality Improvement Program (QIP) and gain the following insight:

  • Strategies to improve the delivery of care changes in condition and prevent avoidable hospital transfers
  • In-depth description of the INTERACT™ 4.0 strategies
  • Care processes, tools and other resources
  • Lessons learned for successful INTERACT™ 4.0 Program implementation and sustainability
  • Steps to successfully prepare for the CIC Certification exam

About Certified INTERACT 4.0 Champion (CIC) Program:

The CIC Program is designed to train clinical leaders who will serve as champions and co-champions to implement and sustain the INTERACT™ 4.0 Quality Improvement Program (QIP) in their organization through education, embedding the INTERACT™ 4.0 into routing clinical care and QI processes, monitoring INTERACT™ 4.0 processes and outcomes, and providing the facility team and leadership with continuous feedback on INTERACT™ 4.0 performance.

In this two-day interactive course, the CIC Master Trainer will provide an in depth description of the INTERACT™ 4.0 strategies, care processes, tools, and other resources to improve care of changes in condition and prevent hospital transfers when safe and feasible; and share key lessons learned on successful Program implementation and sustaining the Program over time.

Your Certified INTERACT Champion will gain vital knowledge to be a champion in various ways, including:

  • Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the INTERACT™ 4.0 program.
  • Preparing to work with leadership/governance within your facility to garner the support needed for this type of initiative.
  • Teaching how to monitor/track/benchmark key data points, thus, taking “ownership” of key metrics within your facility.
  • Building competency to train others within your facility regarding key aspects of the INTERACT™ 4.0 program and how it should be implemented within your operation.
  • Identifying how to maintain and sustain the initial success that many facilities enjoy and avoid momentum stalls due to loss of day-to-day support.
  • Becoming a Certified INTERACT Champion assists providers in achieving the following:
  • Positioned for value-based purchasing and reimbursement models
  • Acute care and ACO alignment with providers who are on top of the readmission process to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Achieve quality outcomes for residents
  • Focus on performance measures
  • Improved clinical competency of caregivers and assessment process
  • Facility team members gain a better understanding of the need for thorough advanced-care planning
  • Improve and enhance safe care transitions
  • Foster and improve communication among health care providers
  • Placing the resident (or patient) centric to care delivery

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Training programs are available for Individuals, Multi-location organizations and Associations, including CIC and one-day customized training.

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